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Industrial sewing machines for clothing industy, automotive industry, technical textile and upholstered furniture industry, Energy and pressing equipment, presses for fusing, CNC and multineedle machines, Spare parts and accessories for clothing and textile industry, energy and pressing equipment, presses for fusing, CNC and multineedle machines

Matex GmbH
Vereinsstrasse 50, 47799 Krefeld
Tel.: 0049 2151 547057
Fax: 0049 2151 544167
E-Mail: matex@t-online.de

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About Company

Matex Gmbh

Short name: Matex Gmbh

Vereinsstrasse 50, 47799 Krefeld

0049 2151 544 057
Fax: 0049 2151 544 167
E-mail: matex@t-online.de
Internet: www.matexgmbh.de

HRB: Krefeld Nr. 4983
Steuer-Nr. 117/5824/0554
USt-IDNr.: DE811446269

Manager: Franz Maritzen

Sales Area:

Slovenia, Croatia and Bosna and Herzegovina

Slomatex d.o.o
Plese 1
9000 Murska Sobota
Tel.: 00386 2 5349 600, Fax: 00386 2 5349 610
E-mail: slomatex@siol.net
Internet: www.slomatex.si
Contact person: Hr. Robert Brunec, Fr. Jeneš Renata

Serbia and Montenegro

S.Z.R. Tehnotex
Ulica Kozaraćka 184
18300 Pirot
Tel./Fax: 00381 10 318 421
E-Mail: tehnotex@ptt.yu
Internet: www.tehnotex.net
Contact person: Hr. Dragan Panić


Tamatex d.o.o.
Živko Ćingo 4
96000 Ohrid
Tel.: 00389 46 261 764
Fax: 00389 46 261 765
E-Mail: tamatex@mt.net.mk
Internet: www.tamateks.com
Contact person: Hr. Miodrag Tanaskoski

Matex GmbH is official representant for

Sewing technik
Dürkopp-Adler AG, Bielefeld, ZRN
Machines, Processing Equipment and System for the Sewn Products Industriy


Blind stitch maschines and special machines
Strobel Spezialmaschinen Gmbh, Puchheim, ZRN
Blind stitch machines for garment, special machines for the shoe industry, leather an fur processing and for the field of technical textile


Energy and pressing equipment
Hornung GMBH Indupress Co. KG, Hösbach, ZRN
Energy and pressing equipment


Special machines and equipment
KSL Keilmann Sondermaschinenbau GMBH, Lorsch, Deutschland
Airbags, Automotive interior, Composites, Filter, Mattress, Free programmble stiching units, Special stitching units, Multi-needle stitching units


Freudenberg Gygli AG, Zug, Švica
Presses for fusing of all kinds of fabrics, manual and semi-automatic presses for special tasks, special equipment for shirt and blouse manufacturers


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